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Lignobond DD

LignoBond DD is a calcium Iignosulphonate derived from spruce wood and produced as a brown powder with low hygroscopicity and medium sugar content. Lignobond DD is specially prepared to reduce dust for ease of handling.

Typical application is as an animal feed binder, suitable for all species of farm animals at the recommended dose of between 500 and 2500 grams per 100 kg offeed.
CAS No. S061-52-7 (Calcium lignosulphonate).
This product is designed for use in the animal feed sector and is manufactured, stored, and transported in accordance with the quality assurance standard GMP Bl.

Sales specificationsTest Method
Dry matter %Min. 93.0BLT-30S
pH (10% Solution)4.3 ± 0.8BLT-327
Only active customers are notified of specification changes.
Typical Analysis*
Chemical DataPhysical Data
Calcium6%ColourLight Brown
Reducing sugars7%Bulk Density550 kg/m3
*The above analyses are not formal specifications and values may change. All values calculated on solids where applicable

Storage Stability:
Under dry conditions, powder products remain stabie for several years.

Lignosulfonates are compatible with anionic and non-ionic materiais, dispersants, wetting agents and most organic and inorganic materiais.

Powder is packaged in 25 kg net weight multiwall kraft bags or 500,600, 1000 and 1200 kg non returnable bulk bags.